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Why JB Software
JB Software and Consulting Inc has selective strategic alliances and go-to-market partnerships, through which we are able to demonstrate a strong value proposition to our clients built around complimentary strengths and capabilities. JB has been formed to support Corporate America with JB Software Consulting services.

JB Software provides cost-effective solutions. Because we have consultants in almost every industry, we can assure you that we will assign a team to your project that understands your industry and your needs and can help you stay competitive in the digital economy. This leads to business process improvement, greater operational efficiencies, better productivity, improved response time and increase in customer satisfaction and naturally, greater profitability.

We mean JB because; JB only employs people who have excellent computing academic background as well as valuable experience in Information & Technological areas. JB is currently one of the fastest growing software consulting companies in the US. Our consultants are professionals with proven track records in their areas of specialization. We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability of the resources we offer. Our commitment to quality is evident in our hiring policies and client base. Our consultants typically have a bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related fields. We also place equal emphasis on inter-personal skills, communication and work ethics.

Why Choose JB? JB's goal is to build a long-term relationship with the customers. We provide the best services and talents at a very competitive price. We work diligently and sincerely with our clients and candidates. JB can design, develop, test and install your standalone and/or distributed applications, using proven methods and tools, working at your site, under fixed price or Time-and-Material contract terms. We value customer's time, priorities and business needs. Our consultants are knowledgeable enough to understand the scope of their task quickly and are trained to work under high-pressure situations. They are experienced enough to work in a minimal or no-supervision environment. Be it a short term or a long-term assignment, clients can expect quality and efficient programming from JB consultants. Our consultants come to you with experience in numerous technical industry environments and an array of project expertise.

JB can support your needs with highly trained, successful IT professionals for any type of application including Our consultants come to you with experience in numerous technical industry environments and an array of project expertise. JB can support your needs with highly trained, successful IT professionals for any type of applications including: Insurance, Consumer Products, Publishing, Power, Gas, Telecommunications, Federal, State & Local Government, Airlines, Brokerage, Automotive, Transportation, Banking, Finance, Healthcare Private Industry Manufacturing Defense Retail

At JB we bring together the right people, knowledge, methodology, and technologies you require for the project at hand, whether you require staff augmentation, strategy consulting, technology integration (onsite, time and materials or fixed bid projects) or development solutions - JB can get the job done.

We strive constantly to deliver tangible business benefits to our clients. We have a team of experts in every field encompassing IT Services and Consulting. In addition to strategic consulting, our own internal technology and operational processes have matured to a level where we are able to pass on the time, effort and cost and benefits to our clients.

JB creates technology-empowered IT solutions and services by combining industry leading processes and technologies that deliver business values to our clients through year-on-year savings. With the success of your business goals in mind, JBSAC’s Technical Resource Staffing solution utilizes an unconventional resource search process with a highly experienced technology background staff of both product and project development to perform technical screenings and personality evaluations. With Requirement Analysis by core technical people, the selection process involves a preliminary interview by the Resource Manager, a technical interview by the Sr. Technical Members, a follow-up of Terms of Engagement by the Resource Manager, and lastly, presentation to the client. Through the use of business process, we are also able to augment recruiting costs by relying upon a state-of-the-art recruiting infrastructure to handle temporary and permanent positions.

In a nutshell... "JB Software provides IT consulting services for almost all areas in the computing industry"