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Radio Frequency Engineering
JB Software provides state-of-the-art RF design services to commercial and industrial customers. We are a turnkey provider for RF custom designs with full project management and design responsibilities; all the way from conceptual design to production.
JB Software brings unique skill sets with expertise in a broad array of RF and wireless design applications. We have talented and experienced technical staff providing rapid design cycles and innovative solutions. JB Software uses years of experience and powerful analytical tools to design and simulate RF and wireless communication systems. Successful transceiver designs include innovative techniques that reduce power consumption and provide miniature form factors.
Services Offered
JB Software has been a providing broad spectrum of design and planning services to major clients. Services have been of vital importance in the following areas;
  • Network optimization including BSS (Base Station Subsystem) parameter selection, modification and site design modifications.
  • Frequency planning and spectrum utilization.
  • Coverage and Interference analysis.
  • Network dimensioning and traffic analysis.
  • Analyze capacity and blocking statistics.
  • and much more…