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JB Software’s business model reflect our spirit of flexibility in the Telecom solutions domain and allows our clients to choose the model that best suits their requirements. By leveraging the onsite-offshore virtual model in the telecom solution space as well, JB Software ensures the client receives "to specification, on time, within budget" delivery.

Our comprehensive Telecom solutions portfolio enables you to take advantage of the changing trends in the Telecom industry and helps you in doing your business better, faster and more cost effectively.

Our services provide the following benefits in the following solution areas:
Switching & Signaling:
Our Protocol solutions around DWDM, SONET, ATM, FR and IP along with our experience in signaling standards like SS7 can benefit in the development and inter-working of such protocol stacks and signaling standards.

Wireless Services:
Our range of solutions can benefit the network operators to optimize and enhance the current networks and also put in place solutions to help phase their migration to universal 3G standards. Besides this JB Software can also work towards developing Wireless Applications and enabling wireless connectivity to legacy applications.
Network Management
JB Software can provide the benefits of Integrated Network Management Software by updating and upgrading the Network Management tool for Configuration Management, Port management and Health Monitoring. HPS can also participate in addressing different signaling standards for multiple access options, building adapters for input and output data formats, and building agents in Network elements to be managed by the Network Manager.

Embedded Solutions
JB Software has gained considerable experience by maintaining focus on Device Development and Operating System and provides solutions for Operating Systems, Drivers, Interfacing of Devices.