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Delivery Model
JB Software software solutions address the technological needs of your company in a variety of vertical business segments. You define the problem. We collaborate with you to outline the solution, and implement it in a way that firmly enables you to harness the power of technology without losing the focus on your core business. We work in two business models:
  • Offshore Development
  • Onsite Development
  • Offsite Development
Offshore Development
The client can choose this option to
  • Reduce the cost of development for projects.
  • Implement 24-hour workdays due to the near 12-hour time difference if work is done in India.
A team of programmers/Analysts shall work in the clients’ location. They are responsible for the analysis and the design of the application/project. This team sends coding instructions to India. The Indian team is responsible for complete coding and testing of the application. It is then sent back to the US team where second level of testing and QA are performed. This ensures high quality assurance and the client also has someone in his office who is responsible for the work done.

Off shore development is useful for companies that want to out source project maintenance work. In this case, there is a 24-hour turn around for any additions and changes that are required in the project.
Offsite Development
This would be the same model as the above, with the development team working from our offices in Pittsburgh, PA.

Onsite Development
A dedicated team of professionals works at the client’s facility. They report to the client’s IT manager. If desired, the client could also manage the actual project. This is suitable for organizations that already have IT facilities in place and is effective for projects like on-going software upgrades that require constant interaction with different departments at the client’s location. We provide trained and experienced professionals to work at the client site under the client supervision.

We work with the client in different terms:

  • Hourly Contract
    The candidate shall be on our payroll and work at the client site. The client pays at hourly rate to JB Software.
  • Contract to Hire
    The candidate shall be on our payroll. After they work at the client site for a time period, the client has an option of hiring them full time as their employee.
  • Permanent Hire
    We recruit professionals for the client based on its job specifications. The client can also hire them by sponsoring them for H1B visa through its company and paying us a placement fee.