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JB Software's Financial Segment
Our success in the security markets of SE Asia and India are a direct consequence of our decade-long commitment to understanding the real-time/online process automation needs of the security industry – especially in the areas of Portfolio/Fund Management, Global Custody and Money Market operations.

We are a team of over 30 specialists (total workforce of 150) focused on developing custom and pre-packaged STP–compliant solutions for asset managers, global custodians, brokers and other capital market intermediaries.

JB Software offers a range of products for the banking and financial services segments.

JB Software*Trade Money is a full-featured product supporting the needs of primary dealers in the money markets.

JB Software*Fund Track is targeted at providing Fund Accounting capability to Mutual, Venture, Provident Funds and for organisations offering Portfolio Management Services.

JB Software*Custody is a custodial solution for banks offering custodial services to their customers.