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Elixir: Hospital Information Systems
Elixir, JB Software's Hospital Information System is an integration of management & information processes like administrative system, order entry system and other departmental sub-systems.

The primary intent is to provide the staff in a hospital with information facilitating faster decisions, easy access to patient information for doctors across the globe etc. Elixir enables these useful functions over an internet or intranet environment. JB Software has successfully implemented Elixir for Maggie Women’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and McConnell Healthcare Hospital.
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Sono is a user-friendly, PC-based solution designed and developed to facilitate the Sonologists to generate automated sonography reports on a plain paper using an inkjet or a laser printer. The high quality image grabber card (provided with the application) captures the live images from the scanner in to the PC for an easy analysis and report preparation. A single page diagnostic report along with the required images thus can be printed on a plain paper for patient's record and a soft copy stored for future reference.
Endo offers great ease of use and liberty to Gastroentrologists for real time image analysis. Image streams can be captured, stored, played, labeled and printed using a standard PC and a normal printer. The diagnostic report along with the required image(s) can be sent in electronic format by e-mail for action or consultation. It eliminates the need of manual report writing thus saving time and cost of the Gastroenterologists dramatically.
eLab is a versatile, easy to use and functionally rich software package designed especially for medical diagnostic centers. Ease of use from operator's point of view has been the prime consideration in designing the entire software.

Versatile Design
The software is fully flexible for backend database selection and can be used with Access/Oracle/SQL Server or any other SQL compliant database system. For efficiency and speed considerations the software has been designed using 3-tier architecture. This is of particular importance when using Microsoft Access database as it will eliminate the slowdown of the software speed as a result of growth in database records. The design of the software enables its use in standalone as well as clientserver environment. The occurrence of any event like patient registration, due clearance, result entry etc. will be immediately communicated to all running nodes so that the same status is maintained in all nodes. A centralized database obviates the need for multiple entries and limiting access to required information through passwords and privileges ensures protection. Unlimited users can be added with a varying set of privileges.
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