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Document Management System allows users to create, store, find and retrieve shared documents in a controlled and secure environment. JB Software has introduced Doc-NET, which provides a rich, customizable out-of-the-box solution for your enterprise document management. This system supports the document management over the World Wide Web.
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Doc-NET allows you to create a central on-line repository of all shared documents within your organization. Much like a standard intranet site, Doc-NET provides a single web entry point to create, access and search all documents. Documents within a DMS library can be organized into familiar “Windows like” folders. Access to folders and documents can be controlled based on individual or group membership lists. Folder properties can be defined which apply to all documents within the folder. This allows you to easily define document numbering schemes and associated document attributes, such as author, date, and other keywords. In-built search and filter tools allow users to find documents based on any folder property or document attribute.
  • Document Repository Audit Control
  • Document Management
  • Document Security and Access Control
  • Remote Access (Doc-NET on WEB)
  • User Roles and Permission Levels
  • Access Control Lists
  • Search IN Doc-NET