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Media Displaying System
The media displaying system schedules media to specific dates and times. The system can retrieve information from the web for Targeted audience.

Registration of Media Material
Media material can be registered from a remote system. While registering, the type of media is also stored on to the central server. When an authorized application user, registers materials, a digital signature is generated. This will be shipped with the material files to enable other components to check the authenticity of the files right up to display time.

  • Increased revenue for the advertiser Direct impact on the size and content of shopping baskets.
  • Maximise retail space by reducing the need for on-floor stock displays.
  • Allows advertisers to re-purpose the same material on TV, in-store and on the web.
  • Facilitate end-to-end management of in-store advertising campaigns.
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CARBUCK: Showroom Automation Software
JB Software brings to you the state of the Art INTEGRATED NET SHOWROOM & AUTOMATION SOFTWARE.

It serves as a Virtual Show room on the web while optimizing your showroom functions. By having your virtual showroom , you will be displaying your range of cars and services on the internet. Your Potential Customers can browse through the cars make/model /features etc.

The Virtual Showroom is integrated with the software at the showroom. The software automates the back office operations. So, when a customer buys a car on the net the invoice and other accounting will be handled by the software automatically thereby making things easy for the retailer. This is a smart and savvy way to reach your buyers hassle-free at various locations.
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