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Document Parsers
Document Parsers are DLL components that are intended to assist the developer, to quickly add a document to text conversion utility, to developer's application. These parsers can be called from VB, VC, and DELPHI applications. Developer can customize application on a need basis with the help of these parsers.
  • Word2Txt

  • This Parser is used to convert the MS Word Documents to text format. This parser supports the MS-Word Versions starting from Word 2.0 to Word 2000 for parsing the documents to text documents.
  • PDF2Txt

  • This Parser is used to convert PDF (Portable Document Format) to text format. This parser identifies the encrypted streams that need to be parsed into text formats, and implements corresponding algorithms for getting final text.
  • RTF2Txt

  • This Parser is used to convert RTF (Rich Text Format) to text format. This parser intelligently identifies the text from the RTF tags of the document and fetches it to form a text document.
Document Upload Component
Document Uploader is COM component that is used for uploading the remote client files to the COM supported HTTP Server. Developer can call this component in all COM supported applications such as VB, ASP, VC, and Delphi. Using Document Uploader, user can upload any type of files of required size.