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Over the last five years, organizations have seen a resurgence of interest in creating centralized data centers. The process of creating data centers focuses on having one core group handle production control processing, regardless of the current mix of platforms. The key to outpacing the competition is to understand the basic needs of job scheduling, including the growing demands of production management and business Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
JB Software starts it's job with exploring the current environment to determine the solution for your Enterprise requirements. There are so many scheduling tools in the market but based on the size of the batch jobs, security and other factors in the organization gives us a better feel to decide on the product. JB Software has expertise in implementing Unicenter-AutoSys, BMC's Control -M and Cybermation's Expresso based on the factors we perceived from feasibility study. All these products are the cornerstones of JB Software's solutions for managing production batch execution across the enterprise. The product transforms basic job scheduling into comprehensive production management.
Job scheduling is one of the important event in any organization and is addressed in executing the right job, on the right day, at the right time, after the right dependency. Sophisticated Scheduling tools represents job-scheduling characteristics which include:
  • Group or Box Scheduling
  • Boolean logic
  • Multiple Calendars support
  • Deadline Scheduling
  • Complex Dependencies and
  • Automatic Setup